Tips & Tricks: Life & Work in Germany and Much More

Career Ladder in Germany

Career Ladder in Germany

What you should know about career ladder in Germany? This information is "must read" if you want to work in Germany and build a successful career, especially... Read More

Online marketplaces benefits

Benefit From Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces have become a constant in our every day life. Use them to your benefit... Read More

Part time jobs in Germany

Part Time Jobs in Germany

Types of part time jobs in Germany: self employment, student jobs, minijob, freelancer jobs, gig-jobs. Compare the types of part time jobs and find... Read More

High Performance Habits

High Performance Habits

Do you wanna be a High Performer? MySkills Academy shares fruitful tips and tricks, which... Read More

Forbidden Topics in Germany

Forbidden Topics in Germany

Don’t talk with Germans about: Hitler, World War II and “Aryan race”. Even if you joke, the young generation could be easily offended, as they were born in another era... Read More

Gestures in Germany

Gestures in Germany

Communicating with Germans is not difficult... Think twice 🙂 MySkills Academy wants to share special German gesticulations, which have unique meanings... Read More

Myskills Academy Team - Mike

Meet MySkills Academy Team - Mike

Mykhailo or simply Mike is from Ukraine and has a passion for travelling and extreme sports, e.g. diving... Read More

Find a job during Covid-19

Finding a Job During COVID

Due to the Corona Crisis, many companies were forced to stop recruiting or even became bankrupt. Some companies transferred their... Read More

Cultural differences in Germany

Cultural Differences in Germany

Different countries - different cultures! If you aren't born in Germany, this info is MUST READ for you, especially if you come from Eastern countries. Here are the most important things, which you should know: Germany is a low-context country... Read More

Write a Cover Letter

Cover Letter Template

MySkills Academy is continuing to share for free the working tips for your future work in Germany. Write a Cover Letter and use our Cover Letter Template... Read More

Prepare for Interview in Germany

Prepare for Interview

So you want to work in Germany and have received your interview appointment and you don’t have... Read More

Design, Structure, CV Example

Work in Germany: CV Example

MySkills Academy wants to share with you our useful tips about the structure of the Resume. How to write a CV in Germany. Use our CV Example to get hired... Read More

MySkills Academy Candidates

MySkills Academy Candidates

Another group of happy MySkills Academy graduates - ready to work in Germany and make money on online platforms!

Fred Helps You To Find Local Jobs

Meet MySkills Academy Team - Frédérique

This is Fred, our dynamic Frenchy who's making the best coffee in town! She travelled the world and loves to discover new places but fell in love with... Read More

Meet MySkills Academy Team - Jannick

Please let us introduce: Jannick, our next team member. He has been here since day 1 and just doesn't stop spreading good vibes. He considers himself a... Read More

Dominik MySkills Academy

Meet MySkills Academy Team - Dominik

He can be a very serious clown sometimes. Jokes aside, he is a very communicative and enthusiastic person... Read More

Matias Helps You To Find Local Jobs

Meet MySkills Academy Team - Matias

This is Matías, our coach in Munich who grew up in Argentina. His trip around the world took him to a beautiful... Read More

Maria Helps You To Find Local Jobs

Meet MySkills Academy Team - Maria

This is Maria, our smiling face and humorous personality. She loves to make good friendships and to be close to her family. She, as all our team members... Read More

MySkills Academy Team Aura

Meet MySkills Academy Team - Aura

She is Aura, an early bird that enjoys going to the gym before coming to work. She loves... Read More

Video Interview Background

Video Interview Background

Will you have a video interview soon? Do you think that the background in the camera does not matter?
Think twice 🙂 Remember, a video interview... Read More

Efficient Budgeting

Efficient Budgeting

How to do efficient budgeting? We explain how to save money without limiting your own comfort. Simply follow these tips and... Read More

Benchmarking Process in Daily Life

Benchmarking Process

We are sure that you are aware of the term “benchmarking”, which is a popular business approach, regularly used to compare a company’s indicator... Read More

Build a Habit

Build a Habit

We will teach you how to build any useful habit step-by-step. Waking up at 7 am without having... Read More

Corporate Ethics in Germany

Corporate Culture in Germany

What do you know about Corporate Ethics in Germany? "Must read" if you are going to work in Germany... Read More

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

What are Key Performance Indicators and how to utilize them to your advantage? We will explain the meaning.... Read More

Cognitive biases in work and life

Cognitive Biases

Examples of cognitive biases and tips on how to mimize their effect. We will review following biases.... Read More