Forbidden Topics in Germany

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Forbidden Topics. Don't Talk With Germans About:

1) Hitler, World War II and “Aryan race”. This is obvious but still remains on the top of forbidden topics in Germany. Even if you joke, the young generation could be easily offended, as they were born in another era. They are super bored about the historical path of the Germany, even if it appear only in jokes format.
2) Being late. Do you have a problem with transportation, traffic jams etc? Don’t use it as an excuse for being late because Germans expect you to predict all possible factors and move out of your house faster, if it’s needed. If you are already late, notify the waiting person ASAP.
3) Salary. It’s a huge taboo for Germans to ask about the amount of earned money, as they appreciate their privacy. You can ask about the income of Germans only if you are close friends.
4) How are they? Germans are not big fans of useless conversations. If you really care, what is in the mind of the Germans, then do not hesitate to ask it. However, don’t waste the time of Germans – they are mega efficient!
5) The sameness of the beer. Are you crazy? Among all forbidden topics in Germany, this discussion could even end in a fight! Germans are a beer nation, it’s even worse than talking about Hitler! You could lose all your credits in the eyes of Germans if you say something like this.
To sum up, Take it very seriously! Talking about some of these forbidden topics in Germany could lead to very disastrous results. Moreover, you can lose your connection, job or even good friends.
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Forbidden Topics in Germany

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