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Specifics of Gestures in Germany

Communicating with Germans is not difficult… Think twice 馃檪 MySkills Academy wants to share special Gestures in Germany, which have unique meanings and might be confusing for the immigrants. Remember this:
1) A German shakes his arm bent at the elbow with his palm open in front of his face. In this way, he lets you know how stupid your idea is or how stupid your behavior looks like.
2) When a German is looking meaningfully at you, using his index finger to slightly pull the lower eyelid down, he demonstrates sarcasm towards something.
3) Are you confused when the German smiles, slowly closes his eyes and immediately opens them again, accompanied by a short nod of his head? Don鈥檛 worry, in Germany, this form of greeting is quite acceptable in certain situations. For sure, close friends do it in other ways.
4) Don鈥檛 be scared of German “Boooah!”, after they opened their eyes wide, raised their eyebrows and tilted their heads back slightly. These gestures in Germany are the equivalent of “Well, well!”, “Wow!”, “Cool!”. Be sure that all of the above was done at once!
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Short Summary

To conclude, all nations have specific gestures and Germans are not an exception. Just remember that gesticulation in Germany could look like really aggressive (but it’s not) with many movements and expressions.
However, don’t worry – soon you will get used to it and maybe even start communicating in a similar way. Last but not the least, don’t be afraid of asking Germans, what do the specific gestures mean if you are not sure. They will gladly explain everything to you because you will show them your interest in integration.

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Gestures in Germany

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