Budgeting: Be More Efficient

Tips & Tricks On How to Save More Money

How To Do Efficient Budgeting

1) Know your true monthly income to do an efficient budgeting. By that we mean not your netto salary but the amount of money, which is left after all your regular payments (fix cost): accommodation + heating and water costs, insurance, TV & Radio tax, credit payments, mobile phone, gym membership etc.
2) Save 10% of your monthly income for your future travels, presents or other events, which could be called “pleasure”. We recommend opening a separate free bank account (maybe with a debit/credit card) and transfer 10% of your income at the beginning of the month. By this you avoid the temptation of spending it and your budgeting will become more transparent.
3) Do weekly budgeting. It’s not difficult for you to calculate, how much money do you need for regular groceries, regular other expenses to know how much money you could spent per week on extras
4) Set up a weekly budget and try not exhaust it. If you see that you are spending more, find the resource and eliminate it. Be smart and follow your budgeting plan 🙂

Additional Tricks and Short Summary

If you are a student, especially in Germany, use the opportunity to receive many discounts. Being a student means having additional benefits. You can do your own research on different discount services. One of the most popular is Unidays, where you can have a cool discount even for Apple products, thus improve your predefined budgeting even more.
If you follow these simple steps, we are sure you will increase your savings without losing your comfort!
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Efficient Budgeting

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