Build a Habit

Free Tips & Tricks on How to Develop a Habit

Today we explain you how to build a habit

Waking up at 7 am without having to sacrifice a good night of sleep is challenging for you? MySkills Academy is going to teach you how to build a habit step-by-step:
1) Define the desired habit. First, write down a rough structure of what you envision: When do you want to execute something, what are potential challenges along the way, how can those be avoided and what is the desired outcome of the habit you want to build.
2) Inform the people you have immediate contact with about your desired habit. Put yourself into a position of responsibility. Human beings are more likely to succeed if their actions are observed. Thus, share your plans to build a habit for example on your social media channels.
3) Share your achievements on a regular basis and keep track of them internally to build a habit more efficient, for example in form of personal reports. This will help you better understand the degree to which you are succeeding.
4) In addition, predefine a reward you will receive once you have succeeded. It is very personal and could vary from tasty food to a dream vacation.
5) Remind yourself: It is not the end if you fail to build a habit. Moreover, failure should be the strongest form of encouragement. Try again if you have failed. “The Chinese Wall was not built in a day”, just keep going and be patient. Sharing your experiences of failure with your friends can help you get outside perspectives and support in order to succeed next time.
6) Is the habit too difficult for you? Simplify it and possibly divide it into parts. Believe in yourself!
Remember, if you need support to build a habit, you can always tag MySkills Academy in your social media posts and we will follow up with your progress!
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Build a Habit

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