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Write a Cover Letter

Importance of Cover Letter

Normally many applicants don’t write a Cover Letter, which gives any valuable information to the company. Nowadays, Cover Letter has become a “must have” part of any application, despite being often overlooked in the process, due to capacity limitations. However, Cover Letter can be a competitive advantage of your application, which will differentiate you among other monotonous candidates. In this blog post we will provide you precise instructions on how to write a Cover Letter, how to design it and which structure to use. In the end you will be able to write a Cover Letter template by yourself or take our Cover Letter template as an example.

How to Write a Cover Letter

MySkills Academy is continuing to share, for free, working tips for your future application 🙂 It is important to realize that each company is unique and small changes can make the difference when you write a Cover Letter.

Here are some advices, but pay attention to the example below to understand the structure and content of Cover Letter:

1. The design of your Cover Letter should be similar (not same) to your CV. Thus, the reader will see that it’s a separate part and the application is well-organized.

2. Always put your contact details in the header (upper part of the Cover Letter). We recommend writing your name, e-mail address and phone number. The HR team will be grateful for this while reviewing your application 🙂

3. Add also the name of the company you are applying to in the upper part of the Cover Letter.

Structure of Cover Letter Template

1. Start with a short Intro, followed by the reason of your application (e.g. company’s innovations and field of activities).

2. Then write a short paragraph to convince them. If your former experience fits to the position, tell it here in the beginning of your application. If not – use it as your strength, e.g. “I always try to learn something new, because I want to develop myself as a specialist. That is why I am sure that I will be able to do all the required daily tasks”.

3. The Cover Letter template should contain your current situation and background. Preferably, finish logically your background with few words about your application to the company and your expectations.

4. When you write a Cover Letter, don’t forget to mention all the benefits, which the company will obtain after hiring you (e.g. your core competencies, some skills, knowledge etc). DON’T copy-paste information from CV to your Cover Letter.

5. Summarize with your availability and add a nice final sentence to your Cover Letter.

6. Add the signature in the very end of your Cover Letter template – it’s very important and shows that you have put some effort.

7. Save your time – write a Cover Letter template but do it personalized! The information should be applicable for all companies. However, you SHOULD always change the company’s name (add it several times to your application), date, company’s field of activities (the reason you have applied).

Summary and Application Template

We have prepared a Cover Letter template for you, which you can find below. You can write a Cover Letter with its help. Moreover, we strongly recommend you to follow our structure of application, especially if you want to work in a German company.

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Cover Letter Structure

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