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We Prepare you for Interview in Germany

So you have received your interview appointment and you don鈥檛 have any clue what to do? With our help, you can easily prepare for interview in Germany! Relax, MySkills Academy will provide you several tips 馃檪
1) Go to your application and read again the position鈥檚 description, as we are almost sure that you were applying to many companies and sometimes you did not even pay attention to the posted offer 馃檪
2) Do research about the company and its industry. The HR-team at least expects you this basic info. Moreover, to prepare for interview you need at least understand where are the company’s “pain spots” and what can they expect. Try to find and analyze competitors, core audience, companies strengths, innovations and so on. Your additional knowledge and awareness will surprise the interviewer. In addition, it’s fair to write that many candidates don’t prepare for interview in Germany due to limited time available, huge quantity of interviews with different companies or simple laziness.
3) Train your personal presentation and responses to possible questions (preferably with friends) but DON鈥橳 learn them word by word. It will lead to automatic rejection after your interview, so be natural!
4) Remember that other candidates are in the same position, so try to overpass nervousness. The interviewers are also people and understand that you are stressed and can’t perfectly prepare for interview.
5) Be initiative and communicative! DON鈥橳 give the short responses, but develop your opinion and make proposals. Interview in Germany is not a “Questions – Response” session.
6) Concentrate on what you can do in the company instead of talking about your former success. Use your background as the foundation for your proposals and skills confirmation during the interview!
7) ASK questions! It鈥檚 not only normal, but the interviewer even expects it from you. You can start with the easy-peasy questions, like salary (if it was not mentioned during conversation) and finish with complex ones, like plans of the company for the next quarter (if it鈥檚 not a confidential info). For sure, you should think about these question in advance when you prepare for interview.
8) Prepared = Armed. Remember that many candidates don鈥檛 prepare for interview or even forget to appear, which significantly increases your chances! Thus, pull yourself together – receiving an interview in Germany is much more difficult than participating in it. You are at the end of your application journey!
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Prepare for Interview in Germany

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