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She is Aura, an early bird that enjoys going to the gym before coming to work. She loves healthy food but would never say no to a D枚ner (and other treats). This Colombian girl likes reggeton but also German music, It is easy to make her laugh and to reach her for help. She speaks Spanish, English and German and is our Head of Talent and Community Relations.

MySkills Academy Team Aura

Dominik聽can be a very serious clown sometimes. Jokes aside, he is a very communicative and enthusiastic person. His multicultural background, as half German – half Italian, enables him to easily put himself into someone else’s shoes. In his leisure time Dom plays a lot of Basketball, has a passion for cooking and loves to walk his dogs.
Help us to give Dom a warm welcome! 馃檪

Dominik MySkills Academy

This is Fred, our dynamic Frenchy who’s making the best coffee in town!
She travelled the world and loves to discover new places but fell in love with Berlin two years ago. Until today, obviously, she doesn鈥檛 want to leave us.
Fred loves meeting new people and will be more than happy to share her experiences with you, so you can easier find local jobs. She speaks French, Spanish, English and is learning German at the moment.
Fred is one of our amazing trainers here at MySkills Academy!

Fred Helps You To Find Local Jobs

Please let us introduce: Jannick, our next team member. He has been here since day 1 and just doesn’t stop spreading good vibes. He considers himself a cosmopolitan citizen that does not just speak German, English & Spanish, but loves to communicate with anyone, especially dogs.
In case you can’t find him working, you will most likely find him outdoors on his bike, on the water or in the sky 馃檪

This is Maria, our smiling face and humorous personality. She loves to make good friendships and to be close to her family.
She, as all our team members, is a passionate traveller (weird.. all you passionate travellers give this post a like!), and one of our wonderful trainers here at MySkills Academy. Every time she gets to know a new city she starts to imagine herself living there and making up a new life.
She needed to cross the Atlantic ocean and even after that it took her another year of living in Berlin… until she discovered that she is much more obsessive about cleaning than what she thought she would be (after fighting for years with her mom about it).聽Maria loves arts, she is an actress and also enjoys dancing!
How to make her happy? Easy answer: food!聽How to make her happier? MORE FOOD!

Maria Helps You To Find Local Jobs

This is Mat铆as, our coach in Munich who grew up in Argentina. His trip around the world took him to a beautiful Bavarian city, which fascinated him and made him stay permanently. He loves meeting new people, nature and improve theater! He will be pleased to share his experiences that gained in the past to support you while you make your first steps in your new local jobs. You can communicate with him in English or Spanish, and soon… also in German (hopefully)

Fred Helps You To Find Local Jobs

Mykhailo or simply Mike is from Ukraine and has a passion for travelling and extreme sports, e.g. diving, paragliding, ziplining, quad biking. Mike is inspired during the whole working day and always wants to learn something new. He has the unique ability to talk non-stop, even several hours in a row! 馃檪聽Mike speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, German and is always glad to help you solve any problems and find local jobs.

Myskills Academy Team - Mike
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