Find a Job During COVID

Free Tips & Tricks: How to Find a Job during Corona

How to find your job during Covid?

Due to the Corona Crisis, many companies were forced to stop recruiting or even became bankrupt. Some companies transferred their activities to the Online World and offer only remote positions. However, it does not mean that there are no possibilities available for the job seekers.
That is why we from MySkills Academy prepared for you several tips, which might help you to find a job during Covid-19 crisis:
1) Spend the time with value: create and design the attractive profiles in LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook and other platforms (apply via these platforms) – mention there all useful information, which will help the potential employer to know you better without having a Face-to-Face meeting.
2) Write a cool CV, which will sell you as a specialist and prepare all required documents for the submission (tips about CV will be published next time). Try to avoid copy-pasting your Cover Letter, do it personalized but still work with a template, where you need to edit only information about the company.
3) Don’t come personally to the desired working place without invitation – it might decrease your chances, especially during the time of Corona restrictions.
4) Prepare the different Softwares for online interviews, be aware of their functions. The companies can use for sure Zoom, but also Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex, Skype etc.
5) Use always headphones during online interview and create the perfect appearance.
6) Know your company! You should spend some time before interview on the research about the company’s activities, history, competitors etc. Remember that finding a job during Covid is not only your goal, so be prepared better than your competitors.
7) Know the cultural differences, which might cause problems. Do a deep research (this information is also available on MySkills Academy Blog).
8) Improve your skills if you don’t need to prepare for interviews, especially the language knowledge. The more qualified you are, the highest possibility of receiving a good job you have!
We could add later more tips for finding the job during Covid and in normal times. Soon we will publish much more useful information for you. Scroll MyBlog and explore other hints 🙂
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Find a job during Covid-19

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