Health Insurance

All important information about Health Insurance in Germany.

Most important tips

  • Health insurance in Germany is mandatory. What does it mean? Every person who lives in Germany, no matter of Visa type, citizenship, marital status etc, MUST have private or public health insurance.
  • – Internacional or travel insurance is not enough, you need to be insured by a German Company.
  • If you have an European passport, you should register with a German health insurance provider within 3 months after their arrival to Germany.
  • – The European EHIC card is only for holiday stays and emergencies and does NOT cover you if you are staying in Germany for the purposes of working.
  • – If you already have a health insurance in Germany and recently started to work as a freelancer, your insurance premiums might be too high and it might be possible to arrange for lower premiums.
  • – Not having a health insurance in Germany would have very serious consequences: the German government can charge penalty fees for up to five years. You could also loose your working permit or work visa.

Therefore, we recommend you to seek a professional advice about health insurance in Germany, especially if you have a visa appointment coming up or you are unsure about your status or insurance options.


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