Certificate of good conduct

The goal of this guide is to explain you, how to get your certificate of good conduct, which helps you to show your reliability

“How can I get a certificate of good conduct?”

You can go directly without an appointment to the local council (“Bürgeramt”) and receive it there. Just ask there for a “Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis” or apply for the certificate online.


1) "Do I actually need the certificate of good conduct?"
Customers who use the online platforms are guaranteed a selection of following things:
- The cleaners are insured
- The cleaners are independent and live in the customers' city
- The cleaners should be vetted
As you might have understood, you need the certificate to become vetted and so a badge will highlight your profile. If you upload your "Führungszeugnis", the probability of being selected by a customer increases crucially!
2) "How much does the certificate of good conduct cost?"
The price is the same in the whole Germany - 13 Euro
3) "Which documents do I need to apply for the certificate of good conduct?"
Only your passport or identity card
4) "What should I do after obtaining of my certificate of good conduct?"
Simply upload it on the platform you want to work for

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