Career Ladder in Germany

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Then this post is a “must read” for you, as MySkills Academy will share useful insights and tips on how to build a career ladder in Germany more efficiently:
1) Language. The era of globalization opens many doors and if you are really a qualified specialist with unique skills, then finding a job in Germany and moving up the career ladder won’t be an issue. Nowadays, companies are actively seeking for employees with international experience and English has become a working language for many organizations. However, knowing the German language is always a plus – you are living in Germany, remember this 🙂
2) Networking. Not all jobs require a recommendation by a previous employer, so don’t be worried if someone tells you the opposite. However, your chances of being hired significantly increase if you manage to get some, especially if you have a perfectly designed CV. Thereby, many German graduates prefer to do 1-2 internships before applying for higher positions, in order to prove their experience and potentially gather recommendations.
3) Overworking. It is a normal thing in Germany if you want to recommend yourself as a reliable and trustworthy person. Be prepared but don’t get burned out!
4) Cultural integration. If you have arrived from “far-far-away”, be ready to adapt to German norms, rules and traditions. Some of them are very strict and could significantly differ from the ones in your home country.
5) Proactivity. Propose ideas, avoid blindly following the daily work flow. For sure, you will have some daily tasks but normally they won’t take the whole day. Try to add additional value!
6) Transparency. Don’t hesitate to talk with your boss about your future in the company. Chances to be overseen, in respect to a potential promotion, are higher if you don’t talk about it. Don’t be shy – Germans are pretty straight-forward. However, don’t start annoying your boss from the first month of work 🙂
7) Performance. Germans like numbers: Try to justify your work with quantifiable data, which are higher compared to the ones of your colleagues and the promotion will be only a question of time!
8) Internal connections. You should get in touch with other workers. Quiet people aren’t usually noticed, so be friendly and communicative 🙂
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Career Ladder in Germany

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