Business license

or "Gewerbeschein" in German

We train you in the skills to work as a flexible cleaner. After you pass our training, you can decide where, when, and how many job offers you accept. In case of you don’t have an employer you are a self-employed. This allows you to be owner of your time, for that, a business license is needed. Getting it is easier than you think, you will receive this from the appropriate authorities on the same day!

How does it work?

Step 1: Download and complete the business license form.

Step 2: Make an appointment at your local “Gewerbeamt/ Ordnungsamt” (every city has a different website, typical German..).

Berlin form

Filled example Berlin form


We will train you with the skills and tools to work as a self-employed cleaner, but you aren’t our employee, you will be working through a platform that connects you with job offers. Please keep in mind, as a business owner you are in the end your own boss so you are responsible for yourself!

On the other hand, you are your own boss – so you only take jobs whenever & wherever you want and when the pay is right 😉

First of all we advise you to register for your business license online (if possible). In the case you prefer a personal appointment bring your official identification (ID, passport, driver’s license) and a copy of your residence permit (Anmeldungsbescheinigung).

It would depend of your local authority office, but in some cases you can receive your license on the same day. In case you applied online, it could take up to 2- 4 weeks. 

But in any case you can start working as your own boss right away!

The price of the business licenses differ from city to city. 

  • – Berlin 26 € (Online = 15 € -> easier anyways)
  • – Hamburg 13 €
  • – Munich 47-50 €
  • – Cologne 23 €
  • – Stuttgart 52,50 €

Please check yourself, and if you find any differences, please let us know and we will update our information for your fellow cleaners 🙂