Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of JatePeter UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

§ 1 Conclusion of contract

1.1 With the purchase you bindingly offer us the conclusion of the training contract. 

1.2 Your purchase takes place online or offline. If offline at the date, time and place as selected. The purchase by you also takes place for all participants listed in the purchase, for whose contractual obligations you are responsible, as for your own obligations, provided that you have expressly assumed an obligation to this effect.

1.3 The contract is concluded with our acceptance, which does not require a specific form. Upon conclusion of the contract or immediately thereafter, you will receive a written confirmation from us via email.

1.4 The cooperation and the knowledgable and diligent fulfillment of your duties, with our partners, are your responsibility and are not part of the training contract. If excluded from cooperation with our partners, this is not and cannot be part of the training contract. 

§ 2 Payment

2.1 Upon purchase, payment must be made immediately with the means of payment provided. The account is settled immediately together with the booking confirmation.

2.2 Cancellation fees are due for payment immediately.

§ 3 Services / Prices

3.1 The descriptions for the training period according to our offer apply to the contractual services. It is not possible to conclude a contract under other conditions.

3.2 Prices of third parties, such as websites, are only non-binding information. Only the conditions, services and prices of current information from JatePeter UG are binding.

3.3 JatePeter UG is entitled to take photos/film material during the training. This material may be used free of charge online or in advertising brochures/leaflets and similar publications.

3.4 Individual agreements only become part of the contract if they have been confirmed by us in writing.

§ 4 Declaration on data protection

JatePeter UG uses data to the necessary extent in connection with the booking and implementation of your training. For this purpose, data is collected and processed and, if necessary, the necessary data from your registration is used. This data is stored for the time of preparation and execution of the training and beyond that for consulting and support in questions within the scope of our services. The data may be passed on to third parties if the buyer agrees. You have the right to have the collected data deleted at the latest after the legal retention periods. If you have any questions regarding data protection, you can contact the data protection officer (datenschutz@myskillsacademy.de) or a data protection supervisory authority. You also have the right to information and correction of your data. You can find our detailed data protection information on the Internet at www.myskillsacademy.de/gdpr-policy.

§ 5 Cancellation of individual bookings 

5.1 You may withdraw at any time before the start of the training. The declaration of withdrawal must be in writing.

5.2 If you withdraw from the contract, we may charge appropriate compensation or demand compensation in accordance with the following list:

The cancellation fee is 50% of the training fee if you cancel between the 14th and 30th day before the training, between the 13th and 1st day before the training we charge you 100% of the costs. A substitute person can be sent free of charge.

5.3 In case of non-cancellation of a booked training the training fee is forfeited.

§ 6 Cancellation of training / non-use of contractual services

6.1 We reserve the right to cancel training courses on the agreed date for important reasons that could not be foreseen when the contract was concluded and to reschedule them to another date in agreement with you. In this case, you can withdraw from the contract and demand a refund of any advance payments already made.

6.2 If the training is considerably complicated, endangered or impaired by unforeseeable force majeure, e.g. weather-related circumstances, natural disasters, war, civil unrest, strike, etc., both you and we can cancel the training or terminate it prematurely. In this case we can demand appropriate compensation for the training services already provided up to a maximum of the total contractual price.

6.3 If, from the first day of training without prior notice of cancellation, contractually agreed services are not used in whole or in part, without a case of force majeure, we retain the right to the full contractually agreed price.

6.4 We reserve the right to postpone or cancel training courses if less than 50% of the maximum number of participants have registered.

§ 7 Warranty/ Defects in performance

7.1 We guarantee for conscientious preparation and processing, for the careful selection of service providers, for the correctness of the service description as well as for the proper provision of the contractually agreed services. We are entitled to remedy the situation by providing an equivalent replacement service. Otherwise, we can refuse remedy if it would involve a disproportionate increase in the cost of the service.

7.2 We are not responsible/liable for any disruptions in the performance of trainings/events of third parties, which are merely mediated as external services and which are expressly identified as external services in the description and confirmation.

7.3 In the event of any disruptions in performance, you are obliged to do everything reasonable within the scope of your legal obligations to contribute to the rectification of the disruption and to keep any damage that may arise to a minimum. In particular, you are obliged to immediately notify our representative or the service provider present at the training course of your complaints. They are instructed to take remedial action if this is possible and reasonable within a reasonable time. You may request from our representatives/service providers a record of the individual complaints or an acknowledgement of receipt of your written complaint. Neither our representatives nor our service providers have any further powers, in particular to make legally binding declarations.

7.4 For the duration of a non-contractual provision of our services, you may demand a corresponding reduction in the total contractual price, unless you have culpably failed to report the defect (see § 7.3.).

§ 8 Liability for personal injury and material damage in JatePeter UG training courses

8.1 JatePeter UG accepts no liability for damages caused by us or our representatives.

8.2 JatePeter UG accepts no liability for training/event implementations of third parties or for rentals (see §9).

§ 9 Liability for personal injury and property damage in the case of rental / implementation of third parties

9.1 Any damage to property caused by you must be reported immediately. We reserve the right to place the necessary repair orders ourselves and to pass on to you the resulting repair costs for reimbursement.

9.2 You warrant to us that you will only use the materials provided by us properly during the training.

9.3 In the case of third-party events, we do not enter into any legal transaction with the participants and are free from any liability arising from the business relationship between the third-party organiser and the participant. We instruct the hirer in detail regarding the use of our business premises. You shall also indemnify us from all claims which training participants or other third parties may assert against us in connection with the training, in particular with regard to the announcement, organisation and implementation of the training. We shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the lessee or the participants due to force majeure.

§ 10 Conditions of participation for training

10.1 During the training the instructions of the trainers must be followed in the interest of safety. In the event of a breach of these instructions which is likely to endanger the participant himself or herself, other persons or property of significant value, a participant may be excluded from the training without any claim to reimbursement of the training fee.

10.2 Participation is only permitted to participants who have paid the training fee in full before the training begins. The participation and identity of the participants will be checked and confirmed by us at the beginning of the training.

10.3 The training fee includes the use of all materials available on site. The participant is responsible for the use of the provided materials. However, an examination of the execution of training measures and use of the available materials of the participants takes place under supervision.

10.4 The instructions of the representatives must be followed on the entire business premises and “rules of the game” must be observed.

10.5. the participant must behave in a disciplined manner during the training.

10.6 Absolute prohibition of alcohol and drugs applies during the training. The participant undertakes to attend the training in a sober condition. In case of violation, a participant can be excluded from the course without any claim for compensation or refund of the training fee.

10.7 Participants of training courses are obliged to wear a face mask.

10.8 Participation in the booked training course is only possible if you appear punctually at the beginning of the training course announced in writing. We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the start of the training. You will be excluded from participation in the training if your delay exceeds 10 minutes. There are no claims for compensation or for payment of the participation fee.

10.9 Participation will only be confirmed if a complete participation is made. The entire training is considered completed if an absence during the entire training does not exceed 10 minutes in total.

10.10. Certifications will only be confirmed if full participation has been achieved (see §10.9) and the training has been passed with a practical and theoretical test.

10.11. Private film and video recordings during the training are not permitted. The owner of the materials is liable for possible improper actions. The recording of third parties is only possible after approval.

§ 12 Hospitality

Any form of hospitality in connection with the training courses we offer must be agreed with us in advance.

§ 13 Use of the MySkills Academy logo

Any use of the name and protected designation of the MySkills Academy requires prior presentation to JatePeter UG and their written permission.

§14 Consumer Dispute Settlement Act

JatePeter UG does not take part in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board under the Consumer Dispute Resolution Act.

The place of jurisdiction is Berlin; if not permitted, the statutory place of jurisdiction applies.