Cleaner Training

Welcome to MySkills Academy !

We at MySkills Academy live the vision to help our candidates make more money with Helpling as a self-employed cleaner. Therefore, we have developed different trainings to train you in the skills that help you increase your hourly rate!

To get access to the Helpling platform we offer our Virtual Intro Training. Our training is the best preparation for you before your first job using online platforms for household services! During our training you will get very useful information about Helpling and the App. We will answer all questions and help you to set up an attractive online profile. You will learn skills that you need to possess to be a good household assistant and learn how to deal with demanding customers. You will also interactively learn about cleaning products, and be able to show us what you have learnt with critical but helpful feedback for you – so that in the end you can have more money in your pockets!

Preparations before the training

  1. – make sure you have a good internet connection
  2. – we recommend to use a laptop or computer (smart phone works as well)

For more information email us at training@myskillsacademy.de